Beaverton Gem Theatre

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Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Yes! We accept all major credit and debit cards currently!

How much are tickets?

Adults 7.00  Children (12&Under) 5.00 Matinees (all ages, before 5pm) 5.00

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! Stop in anytime during business hours and pick one up!

What is your R-rated policy?

All children under 17 must have a parent or guardian accompany them for an R rated film. Permission to attend alone is allowed if the parent/guardian shows up in person, and purchases tickets. No notes/phone calls/emails accepted. Children will be expected to behave in a mature manner or will be asked to leave. No refunds or passes will be given for being removed due to rude or disruptive behavior.

Due to the nature of R rated films, no children 6 and under are permitted under any circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I have a private showing at the Gem?

Absolutely! You may always call, email us, or message on Facebook to get a direct quote. Minimum of 30 admissions required in order to reserve for a private showing and there is a rental fee. However, we cannot preempt our normal show times for private showings.

Can I show a Blu-ray for a private event?

Yes. However, studios require us to file for a licensing fee to show older content. This charge usually runs about 250.00 (or more) for licensing and would be covered by the party renting the theater. The theater does not keep any of this charge and 100% goes to the studio.

Can I purchase tickets in advance?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We are, however, looking into bringing this option for the future.

Do you know what will be playing on certain dates?

We book movies usually on a weekly basis and strive to bring the newest and most popular content we can. Sometimes we have to book something older for a week to bring in a new film on it's release date. Sometimes new content is required to be shown upwards of 3 to 4 weeks, but usually two. Most theaters being multiplexes these days, they can easily rotate older content to smaller screens. With us only being a single screen we have to keep content on the screen for our contracted time with the studio.